3 weeks ago

Hub ‘to spur’ research into challenges facing pension plans – ARIA post

Some of Canada’s biggest pension funds are backing an initiative to study challenges faced by pension plans, writes Jacqueline Nelson for the Globe and Mail.

3 weeks ago

Orchestra opts for pensions over wages – ARIA post

Musicians with the UK’s Royal Opera House orchestra have opted for an improved pension plan over higher wages, a decision that could have wide-ranging consequences, writes Sophie Imeson for Pension Experts.


3 weeks ago

Nobel prize for early nudge proponent – ARIA post

Voluntary retirement plans always had potential, in theory, if people acted rationally and joined them to save for retirement, writes Ben Steverman for Business Day.

3 months ago

Senior poverty rates on the rise, single senior women most vulnerable: report

What does senior poverty in Canada look like? Well, according to a recent report, it’s increasingly the image of an elderly woman living alone without adequate retirement income and other supports to sustain a comfortable lifestyle.

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4 months ago

Freedom to chose pension design could produce ‘bad outcome’ – ARIA post

When it comes to the provision of adequate retirement income, retirees are better served through participation in a tailor-made retirement plan than “increased freedom of choice for pension arrangements” according to a professor of pen read more...